This weekend (July 23 and 24) was already a traditional festival of historical reenactment and good music “Our Grunwald” 2022. The fest was held at its classic location - the territory museum complex "Dudutki". Its main part is a recreation of the largest battle of medieval Europe - Battle of Grunwald (15 July 1410 years).

General view of the camp Our Grunwald

Already at the entrance to Dudutki, it became clear that this year's festival would gather its audience. Most of the parking spaces were occupied by 15:00 and most likely by the beginning of the reenactment of the battle, the density of people reached its climax.

How was the fest Our Grunwald

On Saturday, buhurts and a jousting tournament were held, which, even before the start of reconstruction, exhausted all the participants, who had to really suffer in the 30-degree heat.

Buhurty Nash Grunwald 2022

Report from the festival in Dudutki

How was the festival Our Grunwald 2022

Report Our Grunwald 2022

The spectators, moving smoothly between the shade of the trees and the mead shops, tried to support the participants in the battles.

Drone photo Nash Grunwald 2022

Report from the Battle of Grunwald

Reconstruction of the Battle of Grunwald

Observing the timing, at 16:30, the reconstruction of the episode of the Battle of Grunwald began. This year they went not quite the standard way and decided not to follow the historical result, but to let the reenactors determine the winner themselves. (As you remember, in reality, the allies of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania won a crushing victory over the army of the Teutonic Order).

Our Grunwald Festival

Defending the fortress at the festival Our Grunwald 2022

Our Grunwald 2022

Battles Our Grunwald 2022

The beginning of the battle was announced by volleys of cannons and, according to the plan of the war, the united army began an assault on an impromptu fortress, which was held by the Teutonic Knights.

How was the festival Our Grunwald

How was the festival Our Grunwald 2022

Battle at the festival Our Grunwald 2022

Festival Our Grunwald 2022

Wayars Nash Grunwald 2022

At the end of the assault, the host announced the end of this part of the festival, but the most persistent wars continued small battles in the 3 * 3 and 1 * 1 format, right up to the beginning of the musical part.

Host of the festival Nash Grunwald 2022

Feast after the battle started with the teamKhmelny Vir"and show"Nebula“, after which the audience plunged into the music with their heads and were ready to indulge in dancing and fun. Group KAS went with its proven hits: “Valunov Museum”, “Men”, “Beer” and of course “Rovar”.

Gurt KaS Nash Grunwald

Edge KaS

KaS vocalist

KaS group

While the group was setting up Rokash, the performance of the club was held on the site “Scottish infantry“. The musical peak, in my opinion, fell on the performance of the band “lining“, which acted as a confident headliner.

Edge Pawa

To the rhythms and sounds of well-known tracks, time flew by so quickly that I didn’t even really have time to take pictures.

Pawa Group Our Grunwald 2022

Guitarist of the band Pawa

Pawa Belarus

Next came the turn of a mystical folk fantasy group from Voronezh - "Land of Legends".

Land of Legends at Nash Grunwald 2022

Before the headliners entered the main stage of the Our Grunwald festival, the audience was pleased with the fire show.

Fire show Nash Grunwald 2022

What was interesting at the festival Our Grunwald 2022

Fire show at Nash Grunwald 2022

Judging by the poll conducted by the organizers of the festival, almost half of the audience was waiting for the team - “Epidemic“. A few years ago, this power metal band from Russia already performed at Nash Grunwald, so the choice can be called proven.

Group Epidemic

Closed the “Feast after the Battle” Jan Zhenchak.

Jan Zhenczak at Nash Grunwald 2022

Feast after the Battle of Our Grunwald 2022

Thus ended the first day of the Our Grunwald 2022 festival in Dudutki. The next morning, for the most persistent or newcomers, there was an equestrian tournament and the official closing of the fest.

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